Gambling is like religion to some cities in the world. So lucrative is the business that some cities have been known to be exclusive gambling locations. The top 10 gambling cities in the world include:

Las Vegas

Hands down the biggest gambling city in the world, located in Nevada, Las Vegas is world famous for its impressive array of options with huge casinos in every corner. People travel from far and wide just to go experience that.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Being one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, it has just done nothing but to fuel its insatiable hunger for gambling. With casinos that were built as far back as the 19th century, this place is nothing but a walking casino.

Macau – China

This former Portuguese colony derives half its economy’s capital from gambling alone. Casino lovers from all over Asia converge in Macau to try their luck all year round.

Atlantic City – America

Although not as big as Las Vegas, this eastern coast town still packs a punch when it comes to gambling. It is littered with big casinos that attract patrons from all over the world.

San Jose – Costa Rica

Although not as rich as the other places mentioned on the list, San Jose is home to some 15 world class casinos that attract thousands of tourists every year. Tourists flock to the little country for more than just the warm weather.

London – England

A surprise entrant on this list considering London is a city known for other things that are not casinos. The one unique thing about casinos in London is that they are extremely lavish and exclusive. Not for those with shallow pockets.

Marina Bay – Singapore

Another exciting Asian gambling spot. The most famous casino being the Sands Casinos which has a staggering 2500 room capacity.

Some other notable entries are Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas, Paris, France, and Los Angeles, California, USA.

Online casinos

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