Salzburg in Austria is a major city that loves gambling and it has a string of good casinos that offer all types of gaming and gambling options that attract tourists and the locals alike. The gambling industry in Austria used to flourish before they joined the European Union in 1995 and were forced to weaken their gambling monopoly. Companies got privatised and many closed up. Some continued to survive through the hard times and finally got a foothold and expanded. Although gambling keeps getting setbacks like the Green party which is trying to further curb gambling by reducing the number of casinos in Salzburg and the whole country in general. Some of the casinos found in Salzburg include:

Casino Salzburg

This beautiful edifice designed in the old European style is a marvel to look at. It features 232 slot machines, traditional table games and a poker room where high stakes can be played in the comfort of a serene atmosphere. There are bars and restaurants within the building that serve up all drinks and food through out the night. The establishment also has space for hosting live events like music shows. Check out the site.

Concord Card Casino

Considered by many as the card temple, Concord is a card game only casino that tries to take back gambling to what it used to be before technology came crushing everything up. It has 24 table games and holds events regularly for the players.

Casino Austria Zell Am See

This is the latest entrant in the Salzburg casino scene. It was opened in 2016 and features a range of gaming options. It houses 50 slot machines, 12 easy roulette terminals, 4 American roulette tables, 4 blackjack tables and 2 easy Hol’em poker tables. The casino also houses a restaurant that provides food and refreshment for the patrons all through.