Las Vegas is home to the biggest and most glamorous casinos in the world. People dream of them and most have the city on the top of their bucket list, just a chance to come and experience gambling in Vegas is what drives people on. Some of the top casinos here include:

Caesar’s Place

A mention of Las Vegas casinos without the mention of Caesar’s Place is a crime. Established in the 1963, this place quickly went on to become the most famous Casino in the region and has featured in countless movies.


Owned and managed by MGM, this is a high-end luxury casino in Las Vegas that is beautifully designed and offers countless gaming options. With a space of over 10,800 square metres, this is a place loved by many.

Palms Casino

Located on Flamingo road and boasting of 8800 square metres of area, Palms is another big casino that is a favourite of many. On top of its modern design, the place offers many other services like hotel services.

Hard Rock

Owned and operated by Brookfield Asset Management and Warner Gaming and sitting on 6.8 hectares of land, this place is a pure entertainment spot that caters to everything imaginable. It has nightclubs, lounges and even a music venue on its expansive space.

The Mirage

With its huge and dazzling marquee signs that shine brightly in the night sky, this place is another casino worth a mention. Its exterior is of unparalleled beauty with windows and doors paved with pure gold.


Set up in the 1950s by the Binion family, this casino is among the best in Las Vegas and it offers so many services. It even has a floor that doubles up as a display screen. One of the main thing that attracts people to Binions is its classic touch. It reminds them of the old way of gambling.