The city of Connecticut has a total of 18 casinos spread throughout the whole region and each one is unique in its own way. They all double up as both gambling spots as well as hotels and resorts. Some even go ahead and offer conference facilities on their premises. The biggest ones include:

Mohegan Sun

This is the biggest and the most popular casino in Connecticut. Standing on an impressive 364,000 square foot of space and spreading over 3 areas called the Earth, the Sky and the Wind. It has a total of 5532 slots, 372 table games as well as 42 live action poker room. They have 39 dining restaurants and a hotel that comes with a spa and a pool. There are also entertainment venues where music concerts are held every time. They also do have a golf course on the premises.

Foxwood Resort Casino

Another great casino in Connecticut that is both huge and elegant. The whole complex is home to 6 casinos; four diamond hotels, restaurants of all kinds, spas, a golf course, theatres and so many other things. It is like one huge mall that caters to every kind of entertainment one could desire. They also host events.

Hilton Garden Casino

Located on Watson Road in Preston, Connecticut, this is not as big as the other two but still offers some very exciting gambling options for trevelers who walk into their establishment. Complete with card tables, slot machines and a host of hotels for dining and accommodation, it is one of the many attractions that Connecticut city offers and many visitors who are out to look for an affordable way to enjoy their time in the city usually prefer Hilton Garden over the others since Mohegan and Foxwood are a bit too costly. Hilton Garden opens all year round and is just short distance away from the other 2 casinos.