Cycling Betting Odds: Success on Wheels

Cycling Betting

Because, although it may seem a sport far removed from the Online Gambling boom, cycling betting has taken a new direction for some time now. It is one of the most exciting, fun and, why not to say it, profitable sports betting modalities out there.

Because yes, we always emphasise in this Sports Betting Blog the concept of safe gambling, and that the first objective of a player – especially a novice player – is not, and should not be, to win. But if you win, all the better, right? cycling betting predictions

So, within this ‘More Sport’ which, behind the Mambo Kings in this sector (football, basketball and tennis, as well as horses) is coming on strong, cycling is, without doubt, a sport that is worth betting on, for a series of reasons that we will explain below.

And besides that, the growth of cycling betting has led to the appearance of more and more bonuses and promotions related to the big races of the season, as well as different tricks that we can take advantage of to get the most out of our selections when we decide to bet on cycling.

Would you like to read on and learn with us?

Cycling betting tips

To get a good understanding of how to deal with cycling betting predictions, it is first necessary to know a little about the particularities of the sport itself. This is something that is always useful to know in any discipline.

  • And what is so special about the king of non-motorised two-wheeled sports?
  • A short and well-defined season: Spring, Summer (above all) and Autumn.
  • Few major events, but always very important ones.

A reasonably small group of favourites for Grand Tours

A series of very limited Prizes for each speciality, which reduces the margin for error (King of the Mountains, King of the Points classification, etc.).

These features make it much easier, if you are attentive, to follow all the news, novelties and vicissitudes of cycling as a sport and to know perfectly which cyclists have a real chance of winning the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, the Vuelta Ciclista a EspaƱa or the major competitions of each year.

What we mean is that, being an individual sport, in which the bets are on names and not on teams, the favourites are much more limited than in other sports. And, therefore, it is more difficult to make a mistake if you are well prepared when it comes to betting.

Cycling betting tips: Betting on the Tour de France, the most important cycling betting event of the year.

The Million Dollar Question: How to win with cycling betting?

The most important key of all, however, is how agile we are with regard to the time remaining before the start of a particular race. What do we mean by this?

Well, the markets for the winner of a race (Tour, Giro, etc.) are available many months before the race starts (we could even say throughout the year). And that means that the further away from the start date of these races we bet, the higher the odds will be.

Moreover, in cycling, it is easier to opt for high odds even for the favourites, or cyclists who have a chance of winning a Tour or a Giro, since, although the number of great candidates to win a race like this is reduced, it always offers several options that have almost the same possibilities.

And, all things being equal, the odds are higher for everyone.

Are we or are we not facing a sporting speciality with possibilities when it comes to winning with our sports bets?

Types of cycling betting

Now then: What types of betting markets are we going to find when we want to make cycling betting predictions? They have a lot to do with these peculiarities we have just talked about. As there are few races, there are usually only bets on the most important ones. And the number of markets is also reduced compared to other sports.

Betting on the ones that always act as ‘warm-ups’ for the three major events of the year (Giro, Tour, Vuelta) will give us the first clues as to who are the favourites for each of these Grand Tours in each season.

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