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Weekend Watch List: Top 3 Best Movies About Casino Games

Very Bad Trip

The great temples of the god of money and gambling, such as Las Vegas, owe their popularity in part to the cinema. Indeed, the casino world is so heady that it has inspired many writers and filmmakers in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Many games inspired by this theme were so popular among the audience that some of them became addicted to online gambling and online casinos. Which, by the way, is a huge number.

What is so unusual about a casino, why does it so easily penetrate into all spheres of human life?

Let’s take a look at this phenomenon using the popular Woo Casino as an example, which has earned itself a reputation as an excellent gaming platform. So, this online platform provides amazing conditions for all players who have successfully passed the registration stage, where they need to come up with a Woo Casino login and verify their identity. They offer a large selection of games, both classic and slot machines, in which it is possible to make deposits in cryptocurrency. And that’s not counting the enchanting atmosphere, adrenaline in your blood, and the feeling that you are on top of the world.

Sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? Therefore, we invite you to take a moment away from your usual activities to watch three of the best casino films that have been watched many times in cinemas around the world.

Casino Royale by Martin Campbell

Casino Royale by Martin Campbell

The adventures of the famous James Bond are among the greatest works of action cinema. In the episode Casino Royale of agent 007, Martin Campbell films Daniel Craig (James Bond), Eva Green in the main roles, in this film released on November 22, 2006.

This feature film relates the fight of James Bond against the powerful banker of world terrorism nicknamed the “cipher”. The whole film takes place in the heart of a casino littered with dubious people. One of the final scenes of this masterpiece presents the agent 007 who tries to beat the villainous boss during a poker game with excessive stakes.

Las Vegas 21

Jim Sturgess has the lead role in Robert Luketic’s film Las Vegas 21. In this film, he plays a brilliant student of the M.I.T. University, named Ben Campbell. In order to pay his tuition, the student game is forced to chain small jobs in his spare time. His ordinary life becomes more exciting when he is spotted by other students, who offer him a more profitable option.

Ben is drawn into a shady venture, traveling to Las Vegas every weekend to win money at Blackjack. Thanks to their mathematical skills, Ben manages to turn the game to his advantage. He keeps winning, and his thirst for fortune only grows to the point where he no longer measures the risks.

Very Bad Trip

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous casino movies in the world. Very Bad Trip is a work by Todd Philips released on June 24, 2009. This film tells the story of a group of friends who return from a bachelor party. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when they wake up the next day to find that their fiancé is missing.

There are only 40 hours left before the wedding of the latter who is, as they say, missing. In a panic, the group of friends tries to remember the day before, to understand what happened the day before, and to find the fiancé.

These 3 films are without a doubt, the best titles inspired by casinos

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