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Live roulette strategies

Live roulette strategies

If you’ve been paying attention to the article so far, you’ll have noticed that the rules of roulette are exactly the same in all versions. And Live Roulette is no exception to this.

Therefore, the same strategies that would work for you at a regular table will also work for you here. In fact, we invite you to practice placing a bet on some of the online titles we have for you before you place a bet on the live version.

That way you’ll be able to see clearly which strategy works and which doesn’t without having to risk anything at all – remember to visit our dedicated article on the different methods of playing!

Human factor

Although live roulette is based on fortune, it has a human factor: the dealer. So pay attention to his movements, how he throws the ball and many other little details.

You may be able to see some factors constantly repeating themselves that would not happen in an automated game. However, this is not a sure thing and it is never a good idea to place your chips based on this information.

Remember that many casinos offer a bonus for their new players, so the best thing to do is to take advantage of these promotions – take all the help you are offered to win!

Play live roulette at casinos today and feel like you are in Vegas with every spin.

Live roulette is a breath of fresh air for all players who want to diversify their casino gaming; as there are many other factors to take into account during the games.

Here you can interact with real people at all times, which will make you feel like you’re in one of the casinos you see in Hollywood movies – use the chat room to talk to the dealer and other players!

French and American roulette are available in this mode, so you won’t have to sacrifice your tastes at any point. If you like one, then join a table that offers it.

If you want to know about more live casinos, then be sure to check out our TOP 10 of 2021, where you’ll find the best in the Spanish market. Take advantage of their welcome bonuses to get to know them in depth.

Live roulette bonuses

If you’re in search of some free live roulette spins, we can confirm that it’s not going to be very easy to come by, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. In fact, more and more promotions are popping up all the time.

For example, Casino Gran Madrid is giving you up to a $20 no deposit bonus to play at their live casino. Although it’s not a huge amount, it will certainly give you a bit of practice.

These websites are constantly running promotions to keep you playing at their various titles (one of the advantages of visiting these and not a land-based one). Just make sure you always read the terms and conditions.

Live roulette fun

At any online casino, live roulette attracts a huge amount of players, and this is no surprise to anyone because, as we have mentioned, it is an extremely fun activity.

When you play live roulette you can talk to dealers in English via chat, and you have the option to do so as many times as you like 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, the biggest advantage is that it will offer you a much more realistic and true to the casino world experience. Simply put, each game you play will be completely different from the last.

Didn’t like one table because of the dealer? Are you superstitious and feel that table brings you a bad jumper? Sit down at another one. All the control will be in your hands to mould the experience to your liking.

When it comes to immersive live roulette, where you can watch the moves in slow motion and in close-up; you’ll feel like you’re in Las Vegas approaching the wheel.

Since we know that playing isn’t the only thing that appeals to you, we’re going to tell you a little bit about how you can improve your chances of winning at live roulette.

Find out how to win at the best live roulette at the casino you’ve chosen to play at.

If you want to know which is the best live roulette wheel then we can give you a pretty clear answer: it’s the one where you feel most comfortable placing your bets. If, on the other hand, you want to know how to improve as a player, then read on.

Play live roulette and enjoy the excitement that an online casino has to offer like never before!

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